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[DANAS!] FK Sarajevo GOŠK Gabela gledaj 09.12.2023

Follow NK GOSK Gabela v FK Sarajevo results, h2h statistics, latest results, news and more information on Flashscore.

[[GLEDAJTE UŽIVO!]] Posušje Sarajevo prijenos 11 11. nov 2023. — FK Goražde Goražde, NK GOŠK Gabela, FK Igman Zrinjski Široki Brijeg gledati prijenos Sarajevo uživo prijenos gle) HSK Posusje (9. 2023 14:02 ... "Brace" Ajdina Hasića za konačnih 2:2 / NK GOŠK - YouTube YouTube YouTube · Prevedi ovu stranicu 0:16 YouTube Baklava 3. sep 2023. 3. sep 2023. Nedostaje: gledaj gledaj Because of the fact that FK Sarajevo won the last 2 games out of 3 against NK Gosk Gabela, they're favored for a victory in the upcoming match. Goalwise, FK Sarajevo is the favorite, since they scored 10 in total over the last three games, with NK Gosk Gabela only scoring 2. Players might have a tough time, since it will probably get quite cold at the time of the game. Precipitation could also be a challenge, since chances for clear are quite high. At least wind shouldn't be a problem, gusts are only expected to reach speeds of 9kmph. What happened so far? FK Sarajevo has played sixteen matches in the current tournament, leaving them at the fourth place of their group. FK Sarajevo - NK Gošk - YouTube YouTube YouTube · Prevedi ovu stranicu 1:51:49 YouTube FK Sarajevo 10. jul 2022. 10. jul 2022. Zvijezda Zrinjski gledaj 4 decembar 2023 prije 18 sati — ((G prije 5 dana — — GOŠK Gabela, FK Igman Zrinjski Široki Brijeg gledati prijenos Sarajevo uživo prijenos gle) HSK Posusje (9. 0. 0 Tuzla City GOŠK... A ... Tuzla City Gabela gledaj 30 oktobar 2023 Live HD 8. okt 2023. — kolu SuperSport HNL u nevjerovatnoj utakmici na Maksimiru pobijedio Lokomotivu 2:1. GOSK Gabela - FK Tuzla City Live - m:tel Premijer Liga: ... NK Gosk Gabela, who currently are in the 9th place of their group, won 4 of their 16 matches this tournament. They scored twenty goals and allowed only 31. The prediction - all things considered There are so many things to consider when picking out a winner, but the key is finding value in betting selections. Bets that are estimated to pay a high rate need you to take multiple metrics into account, for example lineups, direct h2h records, last matches performance, goal averages and goals. Although a draw has small chances of occurring, respectively 17. 2%, FK Sarajevo's victory is likely to happen. FK Sarajevo - GOSK Gabela Live - m:tel Premijer Liga Eurosport is your source for the latest m:tel Premijer Liga match updates. Get the full recap of FK Sarajevo - GOSK Gabela, complete with stats and highlights ... NAJAVA: NK GOŠK - FK SARAJEVO - 1. sep 2023. — kola Premijer lige Bosne i Hercegovine Fudbalski klub Sarajevo ove subote će gostovati u Gabeli. Watch on. 0:00. (((Livestream***))) FK Sarajevo Tuzla City uživo gledaj 24 n 5. nov 2023. — Zvijezda] Široki Brijeg Sarajevo uživo prijenos 22 prije 1 dan — GOŠK Gabela Sarajevo uživo prijenos gledaj 2 2. — FK Tuzla City 6 10-10 6 12 ... FK Sarajevo Tuzla City gledaj 24 novembar 2023 prije 12 sati 22. nov 2023. — 13:00 FK ZVIJEZDA-09 1: 2 NK GOŠK 12. FK Sarajevo Tuzla City gledati Tuzla City Gabela gledaj 30 oktobar 2023 Live Stream prije 2 29. okt ... Professionals attribute them a 72. 8% probability of winning the match. The experts also consider that Gabela has a 9. 9% chance of winning. You may also want to consider these facts before you bet: FK Sarajevo's home record this season: 6-1-1. In Premijer Liga, FK Sarajevo has better performance than NK Gosk Gabela. Did you know that FK Sarajevo scores 31% of their goals between the minutes 16-30? This is the highest percentage in the league. FK Sarajevo-GOSK Gabela 1-1 (2018. 08.11.) - YouTube YouTube YouTube · Prevedi ovu stranicu 2:01 YouTube János Vágó 13. aug 2018. 13. aug 2018. Nedostaje: gledaj gledaj Zvijezda Zrinjski uživo gledaj 04/12/2023 prije 8 dana prije 5 dana — prije 8 dana — GOŠK Gabela HŠK Zrinjski uživo gledaj 26/11/2023 Gledaj online 4. 21. 2023 46 Nakon Dogana, Akademiju FK Sarajevo napuštaju ... FK Sarajevo vs GOSK Gabela » Predictions, Odds, Live Scores & StatsIn this match of the Premijer Liga, FK Sarajevo will face off NK Gosk Gabela in a match scheduled for the 09. 12. 2023. The match will start at 03:00 PM UTC. If the outcome of the recent match is any indicator, we can expect another exciting match in the upcoming match. Their last meeting took place on 02. 09. Fans are hoping for a rematch this time due to the fact that the previous competition was a draw. FK Sarajevo - NK GOSK Gabela, 09. 12. 2023Velez MostarFK SarajevoFK Sarajevo1:001. 2023 FK SarajevoTuzla CityTuzla City6:224. 11. 2023 PosusjeFK SarajevoFK Sarajevo0:111. 2023 FK SarajevoBorac Banja LukaBorac Banja Luka1:105. 2023 Sloga DobojFK SarajevoFK Sarajevo3:028. 10. 2023 Igman K. FK SarajevoFK Sarajevo1:222. 2023 Borac Banja LukaFK SarajevoFK Sarajevo1:118. 2023 FK SarajevoZeljeznicarZeljeznicar3:008. 2023 FK SarajevoZvijezda 09Zvijezda 092:030. Sažetak: NK GOŠK 0:2 FK Sarajevo - YouTube YouTube YouTube · Prevedi ovu stranicu 3:39 YouTube FK Sarajevo 5. nov 2017. 5. nov 2017.


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